The Space to Be an Over Caffeinated Workout Junky that Enjoys a Well-Made Drink

This blog is purely to celebrate the joys of coffee, cocktails, and cardio! I am truly an introvert and must have space to claim just for me to recharge. However, when I owned a coffee shop, that’s when I felt most like myself – an introvert in extravert’s clothing. It was my space to do as I feel. I am recreating that space here without all the overhead…

Sitting down having a cup of coffee with friends, family, foes, frienemies, and strangers is such a bonding experience. Coffee to me is like relationships. The coffee beans can only grow in specific climates, but the band it prospers in wraps around the world. And no matter how you drink your coffee, black or a fancy latte, they both take a level of care to make it good and the experience is different for each person. Coffee lends itself to open the door for silly conversations to comforting you when you need to have the hard ones. The love I have for coffee goes beyond just a kick-start in the morning.

On to the SPIRITS >>> Beaming! The science and skill it takes to make an amazing cocktail, beer, or wine always have me in awe. I have tried my hand at making all three and I am not skilled in the latter two. But, Bay-bee, when I have the opportunity (pre-COVID) to gather people around for brunch or a dinner party, it revolved around the cocktails. Having a well made cocktail, good food, and real ass talk (maybe an impromptu karaoke) is what I live for.

My health, by far, is the most important thing. Having my strength, mobility, and mental resiliency affords me the ability to show up for friends and family as the best version of me. To be honest – cardio is not my favorite thing to do. But the benefits of reduced risks of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, depression, and Alzheimers (I could keep going) supports my favorite thing – meeting and spending time with amazing people.

The Buzzed Badger

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