Sandbag Workout Benefits

Moving to Germany and having a weight limit on our household good forced us to find a lightweight solution for weightlifting at home. After researching, shamelessly on, empty sandbag kettlebells and larger bags were the obvious solution. The smaller start at $10, the larger bags were $25, and sand at the local store was €3 for 25 kilos making it super practical. It literally took 15 minutes to fill up 6 bags and 3 bags fitted perfectly into a larger bag for a 50 lb sandbag.

After setup and using the bags for the first time, honestly, felt weird. This lead to research on using sandbags instead of kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls. Benefits of using sandbags include enhanced core use, dynamic resistance, and real life functional carryover. Carrying a sandbag does require the use of your torso and hips, in which strengthens you core. The sand in the bags shift forcing you to stabilize the weight through different movement planes. This resistance creates the ability to react to movement and you become me agile. The training from sandbags and mimic real world situations like picking up bags from gardening or moving furniture around.

When training with the bags, it’s ideal to only do as many reps you can do clean. When you feel like you’re losing control, this is when you can injury yourself. Always remember proper form over number of reps to stay safe.

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As the last months of completing an MBA in Marketing are around the corner, thinking about “what’s next?” is natural. My passion is to help others in the Fitness world. After digging into how to become a personal trainer and a nutritional coach, there is not a lot of information out there to explain to you how to build a clientele. Plenty of websites thoroughly explain how to get the certifications and how to work for other people. But what if you want to work for yourself? Then what… You bumble around looking crazy until you figure it out?

Welp, that’s the plan and I want to share with you my journey, a Marketing Grad student into a Fitness and Wellness Marketing Professional.

Today marks 3 weeks of deep-diving into fitness and wellness marketing, the fitness industry, and balancing a business alongside social media. By far mastering SEO, affiliation marketing, and finding information solely related to fitness marketing has been a struggle. Many moving parts are involved when creating a brand, especially when it is a solo venture based on a skill set only you possess. No one can be you, bring what you bring to the table. Even if you don’t look like the ladies and gentlemen flexing on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest – no worries, you are still are the right person to understand the struggles of getting fit and eating right. You just might have the right motivational skills to get someone else off the couch and moving. A true statement read somewhere, paraphrasing, If you don’t have time to take care of yourself, you’ll have to make time to be ill. That statement is enough to keep me moving, to motivate others to move, and teach them how to encourage others.

Morphing into a Fitness and Wellness Marketing Professional will not be a short journey. But you know, by staying focused and knowing where you want to go makes it easy.

Disclaimer…I am not a medical professional and do not have any official training in this area, only speaking from personal experience.

Being a healthy person is having a complete sense of well-being mentally, physically, and socially. A healthy person goes beyond your dress or pants size and how good you look naked. A relationship between physical and mental health will maximize your whole health. Depression has been known to cause cancer, skin disorders, or other chronic type diseases. The same way having a negative mental state of mind can cause bad physical conditions, being sick can foster a negative attitude and mood.

I struggle with social anxiety and when it flares the anxiety interacts with my allergies. To sum up, I swell up with little hives until I can’t breathe. This really sucks and caused a horrible cycle of avoiding people so I wouldn’t break out, but I really like people and I would get sad from limited social interactions. However, over the years, with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle (outdoor activities, learning to say no, better quality food, etc.) flare-ups are not as intense and my attitude is far more positive. Also with increased physical activity, my immune system is boosted and I have noticed quicker recovery from stressed induced fever blisters and ailments. I swear my resiliency from huge life changes, bad situations, and health scares comes from keeping both my mental state and physical body priorities.

Having a balance and understanding your body will lead to a fuller and healthier life. The goal is a high quality of life until the end.

Put your health first. Both your mental and physical health, so you can be 100% you.

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Footwork for boxing

Footwork to prepare for the bag:

Correct stance footwork is important when boxing to maximize your workout.

A brief explanation of the popular orthodox stance with help to make sure you get it right and not hurt yourself.

  • Stand with your feet  shoulder-width apart
  • Step forward with your left foot (if you are right-handed, switch if you are left-handed)
  • Keep your right foot  (left, if left-handed) at a 45-degree angle
  • Shift weight to the balls of your feet
  • To keep proper balance, distribute your weight equally between your feet
  • Keep knees slightly bent
  • Tuck elbows to your sides
  • Place fists by cheekbones
  • Keep chin down and look upward
  • Roll shoulders slightly forward

Punching from this stance will ensure you have a strong stance and stay balanced.

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High on Life. Dedicated to Fitness. Obsessed with Health.

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Connecting with the community is a great way to feel good and to gain quality customers. As a fitness or wellness professional, volunteering your time to the local youth, elderly, or small to large organization will give you the opportunity to talk about your passion and hopefully get them excited about it too. Find festivals in your city or town figure out if you could set up a table that can offer advice or give people an opportunity to ask questions. As a fitness or wellness professional sharing your passion and knowledge will benefit yourself and community, plus make yourself stand out from your competitors. By being the face of fitness or wellness, you would be the first person to jump to mind in your community and you would’ve gained trust during the process.

Teaming up with someone already with an organization or team could create a partnership that offers the community a goal to create a healthy and fit synergy. Public speaking will build your credibility with the community and within the industry. Make sure you do your due diligence when public speaking, so you do not give false information. Your creditability will be one of your most important assets.

To establish creditability:

  • Follow top experts in your field
  • Take and industry course
  •  Join an Industry Organization
  • Stay Updated on Industry Trends
  • Volunteer for Public Speaking

Share what you love. That is the quickest way to get a following. AND BE SINCERE.

lockalcordo, The Buzzed Badger

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