Coffee, Cocktails, & Cardio

My spirit animal is a Badger and I’m buzzed on life – Walking my path at my own pace. It is not easy in this world full of social media, photoshop, and television to have a clear view of reality. Living your authentic self is the simple life we all strive for, but “being normal” sometimes gets in the way. The Buzzed Badger, my alter ego, is an open book and shares her life and experiences in a lifestyle geared to self-love and acceptance. From trying to figure out when to work out with a family and career, traveling, hair struggles, and all the other adventures in the pursuit of a full, happy life. And what makes me happy is Coffee, Cocktails, and Cardio.

My passion is:
  • Convo over coffee
  • Laughing over cocktails
  • Roasting coffee
  • Biking & Running