Shanyka Lock-Alcordo

Who I am…I am me, plain and simple. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, all this apply to this rule.

Knocking on 40 forces you to reflect on past life choices. I have very few regrets, but we have them, for me – conforming to social norms, not going into nutrition or physical fitness as a young adult, and not taking my undergraduate seriously. But I have more moments that I love, like owning a coffee shop, traveling abroad, choosing a life partner that sharpens me, and redirecting my career to be what I want it to be. However, in the same breath, I wouldn’t be the person I am now with both the disappointments and the accomplishments.

With my undergrad in Economic Development, I was thinking “How do you get closer to what you want to do?”. Eureka! Help personal trainers, wellness individuals, sports organizations, and gyms/wellness centers reach a larger audience and build clientele. In my quest as a Fitness Marketing Consultant, I am pursuing my MBA in Marketing (May 2020) and then my eye will be on personal training certifications and nutrition to understand the struggles of the future customer base. In the meantime, digging into marketing and how fitness gurus can apply that knowledge to build their business. The goal is to become an expert in helping you kill it in fitness and business.

dedicated fitness obsession.

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