You know when you grab a bag of carrots for a recipe and you’re left with 237 carrots in the bag? LOL, this exact thing happened to me when I purchased a bag to make stir fry. After that I had a salad, then I dipped some in blue cheese and there is still 100 carrots left. I exaggerate about the number of carrots, but that’s how I feel when they all… Read More

I am treating getting out of debt like a game. At the end of last year, I downloaded an app called ….. wait for it. Wait for it, called DEBT FREE. In conjunction with another app I use to set monthly budgets, I love seeing them lining up and how responsible we are day by day. According to the pay schedule, we can be out of debt in 6.5 years – this includes our… Read More

Learning to say “whatever” and letting it all hang out was how I dressed until recently.