Nearly 3 months have gone by since adding Jordin to our day-to-day life. So many lessons and a rollercoaster of emotions has happened. The very first week alone with him, Je and I agreed we might not want kids… EVER. Fostering, adopting, having one was out the window! I was pretty vocal about it, even enough that Jordin asked if I hated him. Let me be clear, I do not hate Jordin!… Read More

In my teen years, all through the 90’s, I loved every color of the rainbow involved in my wardrobe. My go-to outfit was a whatever graphic t-shirt that smelled clean, overalls, and platformed rainbow Converse. My Mom would lose her mind almost everytime I walked out the house, especially on my camouflage days with red cowboy boots. “Your father and I work too hard for you to walk out the house looking… Read More

Happy New Years, Everyone. The first weekend of the year has come & gone and I am already energized by the next 51, including all the weekdays in between. While many people are focused on losing weight, baggage, debt, etc – I will fixate my efforts on GAINING. I spent the holidays having very restricted interaction with social media and the internet, spending that time self-reflecting. Most of it was used reading… Read More