Proud of my wife for taking steps in sharing her comedy with people outside of myself and close friends. The last two weeks have been busy with Jemarie preparing material for a couple of venues. Shortly we will host comedy nights at the coffee shop, along with karaoke and poetry night. EXCITING. Supporting her with her career, no matter civilian or military, is really fulfilling. Many times we are expected to know exactly… Read More

Years ago in 2012, I became a vegetarian and in the beginning stages I was aiming to become vegan. Um. It lasted 2 weeks, because I did not know what to eat. I only ate chips and salsa, darn near killed myself. All the acid from tomatoes will wreck your skin. I learned personally. However, I was able to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle until early 2016. UNTIL, my black behind fell out… Read More

Silly things I have to deal with being a business owner. I try not to go straight to sexism, but when it is all up in your face and you have witnesses of this ish….. Something has to be said. (It needs to be pointed out too, when there are no witnesses) ANYWOO – Let me tell you about this man that crossed me: I can not decide if this guy underestimated… Read More