Footwork to prepare for the bag: Correct stance footwork is important when boxing to maximize your workout. A brief explanation of the popular orthodox stance with help to make sure you get it right and not hurt yourself. Stand with your feet  shoulder-width apart Step forward with your left foot (if you are right-handed, switch if you are left-handed) Keep your right foot  (left, if left-handed) at a 45-degree angle Shift weight to the… Read More

Happy New Years, Everyone. The first weekend of the year has come & gone and I am already energized by the next 51, including all the weekdays in between. While many people are focused on losing weight, baggage, debt, etc – I will fixate my efforts on GAINING. I spent the holidays having very restricted interaction with social media and the internet, spending that time self-reflecting. Most of it was used reading… Read More

Proud of my wife for taking steps in sharing her comedy with people outside of myself and close friends. The last two weeks have been busy with Jemarie preparing material for a couple of venues. Shortly we will host comedy nights at the coffee shop, along with karaoke and poetry night. EXCITING. Supporting her with her career, no matter civilian or military, is really fulfilling. Many times we are expected to know exactly… Read More