You know when you grab a bag of carrots for a recipe and you’re left with 237 carrots in the bag? LOL, this exact thing happened to me when I purchased a bag to make stir fry. After that I had a salad, then I dipped some in blue cheese and there is still 100 carrots left. I exaggerate about the number of carrots, but that’s how I feel when they all… Read More

Figuring out your life gives you a ton of free time because you are too scared to make a move on anything too permanent. The past six months have been littered with books… lots of, lots of books. I have read self-help books, non-fictional, and quite a few fictions about dysfunctional families (this genre is replacing my murder mystery love). Some of them have changed my way of thinking and I would… Read More

Only wearing fuzzy stockings, pants, hiking socks, leather boots with fur inserts, a cute “coffee & cats” t-shirt, black sweater, insulated vest, a denim jacket, and a ski coat with my leather fur insulated gloves.