Silly things I have to deal with being a business owner. I try not to go straight to sexism, but when it is all up in your face and you have witnesses of this ish….. Something has to be said. (It needs to be pointed out too, when there are no witnesses) ANYWOO – Let me tell you about this man that crossed me: I can not decide if this guy underestimated… Read More

     Okay…It’s really happening. My co-partners and myself are opening a coffee shop in 2 months. And it is official, I am leaving my current employer to dive in head first as the main barista and full-time everything else. So in saying that, I am responsible for social media. YIKES! I am an introvert and not really good at sharing my thoughts or my life. I never have, even as a… Read More

Have not posted in a long while. Life has been crazy …But this post is based off me being mad at myself. GRRR. I was at work doing a review about my territory – discussion of what I have done and where do I see my territory going. Honesty is both my weakness and my strength, but lately I have been trying to keep it under control because it somehow gets me… Read More