I had tried many years before to eat a plant-based only diet because I am lactose intolerant and as a cancer survivor who was afraid of what I was putting into my body but failed miserably because I did not go in prepared.

Owning a coffee shop for 2 years and now following my wife to Germany has given me the freedom to truly explore my personal style. I love skinny pants, men’s relaxed fit jeans, and really flowy shirts and dresses always wearing a pair of boots. I only own 3 pairs of pants, 5 jeans, and 20 shirts with 3 sweaters, the rest are workout clothes. What do you do when you’re asked… Read More

This on going journey through life will never be boring for me. I have so many thoughts about where I want to be in life, career, and family, but I feel like each decision contradicts the ability to reach the other goals. I had a huge life change 4 years ago. Decided to put my big girl panties on and make some really hard, go against the grain lifestyle changes. If I… Read More