Happy Heart Month

As if one challenge this month was not enough, Apple gave me two. On top of burning 660 calories a day, like other apple watch wearer I was challenged to maintain a 7-day streak of closing my 30-minute exercise ring. No if, and, or buts about it, challenge accepted.

February is officially Heart Awareness month. Living a heart-healthy lifestyle can not only add years to your life but improve your quality to life. And women we are leading men in this category – we have to take better care of ourselves and listen to our bodies. Many women will go to great lengths to take care of everyone else and ignore the signs of chest tightening and high blood pressure that’s happening to them. My motto is prevention is the best medicine. If you know you have heart disease in your family or your body is telling you to get up and move. It is time to live a healthy lifestyle.

A few tips from National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: (https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health-topics/heart-healthy-lifestyle-changes)

  • Eat more vegetable, fruits, nuts, and lean meats
  • Aim for a healthy weight
  • Manage stress
  • Physical Activity

The website I have included goes into greater detail. Self-care is never a crime. The people who love you will appreciate it.

The Ugliest Shoes Ever

This holiday, Jemarie was determined to get us matching wool shoes for the winter in Germany. When she told about some really awesome, warm shoes to kick around in the house, I thought she meant something like fuzzy toms with rabbit hair. Boy! I was wrong.  At the first sight of these wool shoes, I was like WHOA. How am I suppose to walk around with little afros on my feet? Trying to be the considerate wife, I definitely kept the thought in my head and did not say that ‘ish out loud. Out of the love for my wife, I agreed to get a pair (I didn’t even try them on in public) – how dear she and the lady at the booth suggest that I would?! We made it back to the hotel room, it was safe enough to try them in the privacy of our room. Wow-wee! Good grief. These fuzzy, wooly, sheepish shoes are so warm and like getting hugs from a bunch of baby puppies on your feet.

Our heater went out in our house because I did not know how to purchase oil. BRRR. It happened during the first snowfall and below freezing weather. Those wooly shoes saved my feet from frostbite. I was wearing two outfits with a skull-cap plus a hoody, and to function, I kept my ski gloves on. LOL. But those ugly boots were the warmest thing on my body. Now I appreciate these afro shoes and they are the first thing I slid on when I get home from work. The moral of the story is do not knock until try you try it.

February Apple Challenge

Apple is coming for me. I didn’t send for her. My challenge this month is to hit my move goal of 660 calories a day, 160 more per day than last month. That’s almost 4,500 more calories in one month!!!!

I plan to run to this goal. I started running at 5 AM, YES 5 in the morning. The workout was mostly from my heart racing 90 to nothing because I was scared the boogie man was going to jump out the bushes. I even imagined a bear chasing in the snow in my neighborhood. I am so hyped from fear, I almost wish somebody sneak up on me… they would get a crazy woman on their hands. Thank goodness, Monroe runs with me in the mornings. Because I do not think I would seriously go alone, and she keeps me honest. She wakes up ready to go and the excitement is contagious. It’s nice to have a workout partner that does not a whole bunch of smack and she likes to help me out when I’m shaking a little in my 60-second plank. It’s been four days and running is going well… there are a whole lot more days left in February, but I’ll do my best to stay focus.

I just need a good waist trainer that helps with posture. Anyone know any good brands?