Sandbag Workout Benefits

Moving to Germany and having a weight limit on our household good forced us to find a lightweight solution for weightlifting at home. After researching, shamelessly on, empty sandbag kettlebells and larger bags were the obvious solution. The smaller start at $10, the larger bags were $25, and sand at the local store was €3 for 25 kilos making it super practical. It literally took 15 minutes to fill up 6 bags and 3 bags fitted perfectly into a larger bag for a 50 lb sandbag.

After setup and using the bags for the first time, honestly, felt weird. This lead to research on using sandbags instead of kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls. Benefits of using sandbags include enhanced core use, dynamic resistance, and real life functional carryover. Carrying a sandbag does require the use of your torso and hips, in which strengthens you core. The sand in the bags shift forcing you to stabilize the weight through different movement planes. This resistance creates the ability to react to movement and you become me agile. The training from sandbags and mimic real world situations like picking up bags from gardening or moving furniture around.

When training with the bags, it’s ideal to only do as many reps you can do clean. When you feel like you’re losing control, this is when you can injury yourself. Always remember proper form over number of reps to stay safe.

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As the last months of completing an MBA in Marketing are around the corner, thinking about “what’s next?” is natural. My passion is to help others in the Fitness world. After digging into how to become a personal trainer and a nutritional coach, there is not a lot of information out there to explain to you how to build a clientele. Plenty of websites thoroughly explain how to get the certifications and how to work for other people. But what if you want to work for yourself? Then what… You bumble around looking crazy until you figure it out?

Welp, that’s the plan and I want to share with you my journey, a Marketing Grad student into a Fitness and Wellness Marketing Professional.

Today marks 3 weeks of deep-diving into fitness and wellness marketing, the fitness industry, and balancing a business alongside social media. By far mastering SEO, affiliation marketing, and finding information solely related to fitness marketing has been a struggle. Many moving parts are involved when creating a brand, especially when it is a solo venture based on a skill set only you possess. No one can be you, bring what you bring to the table. Even if you don’t look like the ladies and gentlemen flexing on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest – no worries, you are still are the right person to understand the struggles of getting fit and eating right. You just might have the right motivational skills to get someone else off the couch and moving. A true statement read somewhere, paraphrasing, If you don’t have time to take care of yourself, you’ll have to make time to be ill. That statement is enough to keep me moving, to motivate others to move, and teach them how to encourage others.

Morphing into a Fitness and Wellness Marketing Professional will not be a short journey. But you know, by staying focused and knowing where you want to go makes it easy.

Six months and a couple days later from a few unkept promises. A mid-year check-in to reevaluate is always a good idea. Every year I am learning more about myself and figuring out the difference between who I have been conditioned to be and who I really am.

Mid-year Resolution Check-In:

  1. Hit all Apple Watch goals: Can proudly say, all 6-months worth of goals were hit and increased the move goal from 500 calories a day to 720. Matter of fact it was surpassed. Hitting about 1000 calories a day. Started a new hobby of running, because it is the most efficient way to burn calories and read it was great for women over 40. Figured a head start couldn’t hurt, since 40 in less than 6 months away. OMG!… Also looking forward to getting into other fitness techniques and routines.
  2. Go braless: Much harder than expected to be. For the most part, it has been accomplished. Only wore a bra once because of the voices in my head said people are judging me. LOL. And ironically, it felt weirder wearing the bra after going for 5 months without one. Decided if people notice, they are looking to hard. Do you know how many man boobs are out here all free? Plus it is nice being supported, the sister-in-law is the President and the wife is the VP of the braless club. 🙂
  3. Post twice a week. Big fail. Decided to start writing this blog a few years ago, because dyslexia is a “B” and kind of struggle a little with expressing my feelings in a more finesse way. Known to hurt people’s feeling with being too direct. Also, part-time work and school has taken my focus off casual writing. It’s hard enough writing 5-10 page papers for an MBA. Thinking after graduation, writing will more of a priority and find a focus.
  4. Live $0 budget: Doing pretty good, actually in this area. It took 3 months to find apps that were helpful and to fix our budget to allow responsible traveling. Everydollar app tracks where your money goes and gives a hard number to stick by when you are dining out and traveling. Also found a debt app that encourages you to pay our house off early to save $$$ that can be used for other assets.
  5. No more diets: You damn right. It is empowering to not be on any fad diets. Eating when and what you want to. This releases you from the shackles of indulgence. You won’t feel like this is your only opportunity to have XYZ, so you gorge on the whole pint of ice cream. Listening to your body is the way to go.

Take a little time and see where you are in your New Years Resolution. Get your focus back and readjust where you see fit. Keep growing in 2019.