As a kid I knew exactly what I wanted to be…a bicycling fireman. That should tell you a little bit about my personality. But as I became older and a young adult with so many talents with leadership being the one recognized and encouraged. My artistic side was acknowledged but not quite encouraged as a possible career option. So I decided to take on business as my college and career course. Which was not a bad idea. The mistake I made was burying my creative side to prosper on the economic/finance side. I end up missing out on opportunities that would foster my talents.

YesNoI am not saying I am terrible at my job now or I am not creative anymore. But I would be in a different place if I didn’t follow a safe career path. I always wanted to live by the mentality “I do what I wanna.” As a positive, well-spirited person who feels like what I do will have some kind of butterfly effect to the community, it works out. The older I get the stronger that statement takes over my life. Some days I would love to wake up and start a whole new career, but we have bills. 🙂 So everyday, I decided recently, that I will only do things that add value to mine and the people around me lives. I am pretty sure I will fail at a couple of ventures I have in mind. However, since I have made that pledge to myself I have been one happy woman. So as I go through this reinvention of self, plan Q may be the route I end up on for my final career choice. But one thing I do know is I will no longer feel stuck or uninspired.

Hey, All… or should I say Y’all. Just started Blogging 101 University, because I did not know where to start. So guess what they suggested? – Introduce yourself.Photo on 12-2-14 at 1.52 PM Really it was: Who I am and Why I’m here. Well, duh, why didn’t I think of that? Then my next thought was, hmmm, that is a really good question though. I have always been more expressive by written word than spoken but was not quite sure if people would read it. But hell, decided to throw caution into the wind and putting myself out there. If people want to read about my thoughts they’re out there and if they don’t that’s fine too. Blogging is just one of those things on my bucket list. Read More