Footwork for boxing

Footwork to prepare for the bag:

Correct stance footwork is important when boxing to maximize your workout.

A brief explanation of the popular orthodox stance with help to make sure you get it right and not hurt yourself.

  • Stand with your feet  shoulder-width apart
  • Step forward with your left foot (if you are right-handed, switch if you are left-handed)
  • Keep your right foot  (left, if left-handed) at a 45-degree angle
  • Shift weight to the balls of your feet
  • To keep proper balance, distribute your weight equally between your feet
  • Keep knees slightly bent
  • Tuck elbows to your sides
  • Place fists by cheekbones
  • Keep chin down and look upward
  • Roll shoulders slightly forward

Punching from this stance will ensure you have a strong stance and stay balanced.

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