Why Understanding SEO is Important

SEO is simply the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. So why does your business need to optimize itself within search engines? The answer is easy. If you are not on the first page, you are losing. Because think about it, how often do you click to page 2 or 3 when using Google. My guess will be almost never.

When you have a website you want potential customers to visit, by using SEO you can drive people to your page and your business has more credibility when it pops up closer to the top. Customers will most likely engage and add to the traffic to your site when you are using keywords that are trending in your industry.

SEOs do cost money but it is an investment for a long term strategy to increase customer engagement and quantifying your business. SEO adds to your marketing strategy y attracting them and possible generating a sell because they were able to find your business and research you through social media or navigate through multiple versions of the same page.

As technology evolves, your business will need to at the same rate.

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