Coasted Through April. Ready to take on May’s Challenge.

Was a little weary about succeeding April’s Apple Watch Challenge. The goal was to burn 720 calories, workout 30 minutes a day, and stand for at least once every hour 12 times. I only missed one day in a 24 day streak, so after day 25 I had crushed my goal with 5 days to peddle around. In which, I did. My exercise app was getting worried about me. Lol.

In May now, meaning a new Challenge. This month is targeted for 1,777 minutes of exercise for the entirety of the month. Wowza. That’s 57-58 minutes a day! This includes sleep-in Sundays. 👀 What a girl to do? ….

The plan:

  • Keep on running: Documenting the times and distance. Challenge self to beat the last week’s distance and times. Ran a 5K on accident last month – BOOM.
  • Hang the punching bag on something sturdy: Started boxing about to months ago, but the punching bag fell out the ceiling. Oops. Purchased metal stand ☑️. Get back to boxing to gain arm/shoulder muscle definition.
  • Preplan workout times: Work, spouse, animal babies need me. Make sure at least an hour of “me time” is set aside.

Going to brag a little too… I won in an ape watch challenge and took on the Earth Day Challenge. Pretty proud. Little things add up to BIG things. 😉

Getting stronger with every workout. I’m gaining weight, which means I gaining muscles. It’s liberating becoming a physically strong women to match the mentally strong you – FYI.

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