Do I say “thank you”?​

Today has been a lazy day for me. I will call it a “rest” day. Skipped my early morning weekday run to cuddle a little longer with my wife, because my hive breakout happened again overnight. Then semi-stressed out about making pineapple orange punch for an afternoon potluck I was not even going to make it to. Finally, people came to the house to install a fire extinguisher.  All this rolled into, I will not be cooking tonight. Jemarie confirmed she will not be cooking either. Out into the streets of Idar, we go looking for food. We stopped at a Vietnamese restaurant in this cute little Germany town and the food was delicious. My Phō hit the spot.

As Jemarie and I  are eating dinner, a lady seemed to be so interested in us. She couldn’t help herself and asked us if we were English or American. My country self was looking at her like we are obviously American. (I have my country twang and Je has her moments of Mid-westerner.) Anyway, my dear wife has the biggest doe eyes that invite people to just keep talking and I don’t know what it is about me but people tell me all their darkest secrets they have held for decades. Us acknowledging her signed us up for 1/2 German, 1/4 English, 1/4 Gibberish conversation about the US, her Dad, her Brother, airplanes, the military, photography, religion, rape, Jews….. She talked for so long I had to order a round of drinks to keep up. And that wasn’t the weirdest thing. Je got up to pay for dinner and the first thing out of her mouth when Jemarie left was “you are interesting looking”. I wasn’t sure what to say (thank you definitely was not on that list). All I could do was a laugh as she looked at me like chickens looking for feed. Unsure if I was supposed to be offended since she asked me if I was Jemarie’s Mom earlier, I just stared back at her. After the long pause, she tells me how she never married because her father only wanted her to marry a German man and that was not what she wanted. The conversation ended with her saying she was depressed, her father was 91, and she was alone.

Her last statement broke my heart. There has to be a point in your life you have to start living for yourself. What’s the point of having material things when there is no one to enjoy it with (meaning a close family circle, great friends, or a life partner)? Make sure you are building a life of rich relationships and not just stuff. This is coming from a very solitaire, introverted, loner who is TERRIBLE at maintaining relationships. So for people like me, learn how to be open to the people you have around you. Because people are there for a season, lifetime, or a reason – you have to find out which.

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