February Challenge So Close​

Tomorrow is a big day. February Apple Watch Challenge will be complete and it’s my Mom’s birthday. Super excited.

This month challenged started with burning 600 calories 23 times this month, midway through the challenge, my calorie burn increased to 720. It has been a struggle, Y’all. As I reflect, though, this challenge puts me in the mindset of how my Mom pushed me. As a kid, I just thought my Mom’s high expectations of me was just to drive me crazy. In reality, she knew every challenge she gave me was just a milestone to confirm she could push me further. She’s half the reason I am so awesome (my Dad is the other half). She saw the potential in me that I still sometimes wrestle to see. Thank you, Mom! LOVE YOU.

Those long 5 AM runs have me thinking about life. Running is weird. I love it and hate it at the same time. The self-reflection when its just Monroe and myself is priceless.

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