Forgot How to Dress Professionally

Owning a coffee shop for 2 years and now following my wife to Germany has given me the freedom to truly explore my personal style. I love skinny pants, men’s relaxed fit jeans, and really flowy shirts and dresses always wearing a pair of boots. I only own 3 pairs of pants, 5 jeans, and 20 shirts with 3 sweaters, the rest are workout clothes. What do you do when you’re asked to go to an event with a bunch of professions without looking 10 years younger than my age? I really like how I dress. Simple. At almost 40 it is extremely hard to compromise on my style.

I need to figure out how to mesh up circa 2011-12 personal style when I was 100% career focus with how I am now, full self-expression. Since closing the coffee shop I have vowed not to work anywhere I am not completely into and believe in their mission. Part of that is dressing for the part. Is there really a trade-off in being comfortable in your clothes and getting in the position to make/create change?

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