The Ugliest Shoes Ever

This holiday, Jemarie was determined to get us matching wool shoes for the winter in Germany. When she told about some really awesome, warm shoes to kick around in the house, I thought she meant something like fuzzy toms with rabbit hair. Boy! I was wrong.  At the first sight of these wool shoes, I was like WHOA. How am I suppose to walk around with little afros on my feet? Trying to be the considerate wife, I definitely kept the thought in my head and did not say that ‘ish out loud. Out of the love for my wife, I agreed to get a pair (I didn’t even try them on in public) – how dear she and the lady at the booth suggest that I would?! We made it back to the hotel room, it was safe enough to try them in the privacy of our room. Wow-wee! Good grief. These fuzzy, wooly, sheepish shoes are so warm and like getting hugs from a bunch of baby puppies on your feet.

Our heater went out in our house because I did not know how to purchase oil. BRRR. It happened during the first snowfall and below freezing weather. Those wooly shoes saved my feet from frostbite. I was wearing two outfits with a skull-cap plus a hoody, and to function, I kept my ski gloves on. LOL. But those ugly boots were the warmest thing on my body. Now I appreciate these afro shoes and they are the first thing I slid on when I get home from work. The moral of the story is do not knock until try you try it.

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