February Apple Challenge

Apple is coming for me. I didn’t send for her. My challenge this month is to hit my move goal of 660 calories a day, 160 more per day than last month. That’s almost 4,500 more calories in one month!!!!

I plan to run to this goal. I started running at 5 AM, YES 5 in the morning. The workout was mostly from my heart racing 90 to nothing because I was scared the boogie man was going to jump out the bushes. I even imagined a bear chasing in the snow in my neighborhood. I am so hyped from fear, I almost wish somebody sneak up on me… they would get a crazy woman on their hands. Thank goodness, Monroe runs with me in the mornings. Because I do not think I would seriously go alone, and she keeps me honest. She wakes up ready to go and the excitement is contagious. It’s nice to have a workout partner that does not a whole bunch of smack and she likes to help me out when I’m shaking a little in my 60-second plank. It’s been four days and running is going well… there are a whole lot more days left in February, but I’ll do my best to stay focus.

I just need a good waist trainer that helps with posture. Anyone know any good brands?

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