A Month Closer to Debt Free

I am treating getting out of debt like a game. At the end of last year, I downloaded an app called ….. wait for it. Wait for it, called DEBT FREE. In conjunction with another app I use to set monthly budgets, I love seeing them lining up and how responsible we are day by day. According to the pay schedule, we can be out of debt in 6.5 years – this includes our house. My goal is to be out in 5 years. I will keep my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that we can stay focus. We really love being in Europe and have a huge opportunity to travel that is burning a hole in our pockets.

Living on such a tight budget, to tell the truth, goes hand and hand with aiming for a minimalist lifestyle. I am determined to organize every room in the house and had to come up with creative ways to store odds and ends. In the bathroom, I used one half of an egg crate to put rings and the other half for hair clips in the bathroom drawers. They came out really cute because I covered the lids with pretty paper I traced from the original packaging. In Marie Kondo style, everything has to go in a box, many post office boxes my Mom sent to me from the States have been covered with crafting paper that matches the decor used to put everything from tote bags to a book holder on my bedside table. I even used an old apple laptop lid for my folded jeans. Proud of myself, I will say. My next project is to find an inexpensive storage solution for all my crafting and office supplies that will be easy to build, take apart, and move (no telling where we will go next).

I am a blossoming penny-pinching, minimalist. ❤


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