Some Books Should Come With a Warning Label

Figuring out your life gives you a ton of free time because you are too scared to make a move on anything too permanent. The past six months have been littered with books… lots of, lots of books. I have read self-help books, non-fictional, and quite a few fictions about dysfunctional families (this genre is replacing my murder mystery love). Some of them have changed my way of thinking and I would like to share one. To put Helen Exley’s quote in my own words:

Books can be dangerous. The best ones should come with a warning label that says “This could change your life.”

“Becoming” by Michelle Obama. I did not think I would like Michelle Obama any more than I already did. Well, I love her now – she is so considerate, loving, and has the same struggles that all women have, knowing your role. I associated with so many things she spoke about being a black female and wanting to do, no, BE everything, but you’re just one person and something has to give. Plus the perspective of being the spouse to Barack Obama, an ambition person that can juggle a million things and can see their vision no matter the adversities truly speaks to the saying, “Behind every great man, is a great woman”. This book pushed me out of my self-judging ways and inspired me to follow whatever my “gut” says. I have a pretty strong moral compass, so the things I really want to do are things for the greater good. This led me to the book “Not Nice” by Dr. Aziz Gazipurale… OH, BOY! This book is changing my life as I speak. It will be a 45-day journey….. Shooting to keeping my post around only 250 words, so I’ll tell you about this on another day.

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