BRRR! It’s Cold Out Here.

Someone once told me “It’s not cold in Germany if you dress for the weather.” I will have to confirm, that is true. Matter of fact, there have been many times I have broken out in a sweat because I have too much on. Not too long ago, circa 2018 Wintermarkt (Christmas Market) I was carrying more than what I was wearing because I had too many layers.

Today was not like that, I left work early due to dangerous road conditions. It was only noon and I was dying to pick up my VAT and some boxes to organize my bedroom (Marie Kondo creating a movement), so I made a beeline directly to Globus (local Walmart-y store). Why do I look like I am the only person that believes it’s cold when I step out the car? Let me tell you about the outdoor conditions, it’s around freezing, snowing sideways, and somehow it was sprinkling freezing rain. I have dressed appropriately because I felt great – If you ask me. I was wearing fuzzy stockings, pants, hiking socks, leather boots with fur inserts, a cute “coffee & cats” t-shirt, black sweater, insulated vest, a denim jacket, and a ski coat with my leather fur insulated gloves. Let me tell you what the general German population was wearing, a tracksuit. Only the elderly were wearing coats. My stars! I need their blood or body temperature.

I felt like pity for the poor American was coming from all direction. I think the older lady let me cut her in line because she was thinking “This poor girl needs to get home, straight away. Bitte”  Maybe that part is all in my head, but never the less, I felt (let’s say) over prepared. Time for me to find some good thermals.


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