Challenged Accepted & Crushed.

Completed my challenge for January 2019! One down and only eleven more to go. A pretty easy challenge, because I had to only work for half the month. My iWatch has already increased my daily move goal from 500 to 550. Burning 50 additional calories doesn’t sound like a big deal…BUT it is. I was crushing my wife with the number of 200% days, now I am lucky to get one (even though her goal was only 350 calories per day until last week).

For this month I have stayed pretty true to riding a spin bike for cardio and doing a core/ab program 3 days a week. I am about to lose my mind if I have to do too many more planks and forearm pikes. In spite of that, the dead bug and mountain climbers are my show-off exercises when people are in the gym and I want to look like I have abs of steel. (LOL) During the challenge, I did go for a single outdoor run because running was my thing in Colorado. I would run behind Jordin while he biked home from school on days ABOVE 40 degrees. Moving to Germany has done a number, I was lucky to run for a quarter of a mile before I was cursing the stars. Monroe, our pugget (pug + whippet), was judging me the whole two miles. So next month I will work on my running game. Hopefully, a monster does not snatch me up in the dark mornings.

Have you ever used a foam roller to stretch out your leg or butt muscles!?! OMG! If you have tight muscles, you need to get up on some of this. I was feeling lazy on a Sunday and decided to do a 22-minute foam roller stretch on Aaptiv after a cycle session instead of strength training. I have been doing it wrong my life! I think I made a few people uncomfortable at the gym because it was kneading all those sore knots out my legs, hips, and butt. If you are sore from sitting all day or walking a lot from vacation, I suggest Googling or YouTubing how to use a foam roller and try it out. Your legs will thank you.


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