Budgeting is Hard

Into the first month of budgeting every dime and it is going horribly. I dare to say I do not know what I am doing, even after listening to Dave Ramsey, Rachael Cruz, and that adorable couple on YouTube. Going into 2019 adulting the best way I know how. For me, that means seriously becoming and STAYING debt free. Many days my wife and I wished we would have kept our first little house and remained in that “colorful” neighborhood. It was a hell of a lot cheaper and less to deal with, property issues, than our house downtown. IDK. I’m torn because if we ever move back, we can walk to all our favorite spots. I digress.

Okay, back to what I wanted to talk about…

I did really good and guesstimated our income and all our bills to create a budget before the New Years. Obviously, I had no idea what was coming in because we spent all our money within the first 7 days. Totally forgot monies had to go to our cost of living in Europe and be converted into Euros. Jemarie had a good laugh at me when I was panicking and told her I had to start dancing to make ends meet and build an emergency fund. LOL.

Another oversight was that you do not notice all the subscriptions, habits, and small purchases you make with your card until you watch your purchases like a hawk for 2 weeks. Netflix and my apple cloud space are absolutely necessary for my sanity so that Netflix price increase will be worked into the budget and I am not dropping my change into those donation boxes at McDonald’s (side note: McDonald’s is fire in Germany) so I can afford my additional cloud space. During this time I learned my wife enjoys a fresh salad E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y from the commissary after her afternoon workout, even though I buy her stuff to take for lunch. But I couldn’t even get mad, because staring back at me on our bank statement is my $4 Caramel Macchiato I get after my morning workouts. That young lady makes lattes almost as good as I do. 😉

Goals that are not written down are just wishes.

After almost three weeks into January’s budget, a few adjustments have been made. Jemarie has learned how to make tuna salad and not purchase a marked-up salad bar every day and I have switched to $1.75 small coffee after workouts. I am assuming next month will be a little jacked up too because this is a learning process. At least I have the skeleton of February’s budget in progress and it a little more realistic. Here’s to next month budget.

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