Loving Europe

2019 Resolution goals are happening. Posting about my progress, realized one goal is literally about simply posting at least twice a week. So I will just type about random things for that topic rotation.

Recently moved to Europe with my spouse and enjoying every moment. Before we did the big move in September, my wife, nephew, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law took a family trip to France and Switzerland during the summer. When I got off the plane at our first stop in Paris, it was a super emotional moment. This Holiday I ended up confessing to my sister-in-law that I almost started crying when I saw all the diversity at the airport and a lady thought I was French (ooh-la-la), but I felt silly and played it off like I was a jet setter when I handed customs the leather-covered passport. But then I was immediately embarrassed because you’re not supposed to have your passport all covered and it took me five minutes to get it out of the case. Tee hee hee. I never thought I would ever leave the United States for a vacation, let alone live in Europe. There is so much to experience!


Jemarie and I were semi-homeless for around two weeks before we found a house to rent in a cute little village high in the hills. We bought a 1995 316i BMW to buzz our cat and dog around as we discovered our new town full of culture and history. If it was up to my lovely wife, she would have had preferred for us to heel and toe it or catch a ride with other people, but our animals were traumatized enough… I thought the cat died during our initial take off leaving Dallas. Could you imagine having your favorite pet EVER passing away and holding her for 14 hours? Exactly, I would have needed to be committed! Anyway…Germany is home now and it is a beautiful place ideal for hikers and bikers. Luckily we both are fond of outdoor activity and spend most weekends hiking, as my wife says, “in our front yard” to brunch. What I like most about living in Germany is that it’s close to so many other countries. We went to Spain on a 2-hour flight for 60 Euros during Thanksgiving. That ish blows my mind. Looking forward to more trips in the coming months.

img_2740If you ever get the opportunity to travel abroad, go for it. There is nothing like experiencing other cultures, especially when you do not know the language and you have to truly depend on your problem-solving skills. You could spend a whole day looking for a place to eat and trying the local cuisine. As a southern woman, I talk about the next meal while eating my current meal and plan my next move by how close will the next restaurant be at that location.

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