Modest is Hottest

I am pretty comfortable in my body. My body size has ranged from a size 2 to an eight and no matter where I am in those sizes, I have been comfortable in my skin. I was picked on so much as a pre-teen, teen, and young adult for having a crazy big and high butt, little breast, and looking slightly pregnant from to my hyperlordosis. Shoot, I still am asked am I pregnant has an adult. Learning to say “whatever” and letting it all hang out was how I dressed until recently. I still am not shy about my body (the poor ladies at the gym), but I have come to really appreciate, if not love, modest clothing.

There is a documentary on Netflix called Follow This and one episode is about modest fashion. Tell you what, while watching Modest Fashion, I started googling Orthodox Jewish and Muslim clothing. This led me down a rabbit hole of Mormon, Amish, and Mennonite women’s wear. Wow, they have a lot of rules. Anyway, I just am dotingly in love with the layers, patterns, and simplicity of their wardrobe. You won’t catch me worried about my shoulders, elbows, and knees exposed, but I have embraced the layers and simplicity. If I could make a wish, I would love to see more flowy, relaxed fit clothing with interesting patterns without having to go to the 65+ stores. There is nothing wrong with those type stores, but they just do not hit my body right. I workout quite a bit, so either the thighs are TOO small, waist is TOO big, hips are TOO wide, or NO space for a butt. Fashion designers, I am talking to you.

Wearing modest clothing makes me feel, somehow, more sophisticated. The process of wearing multiple fabrics in layers with complimentary pattern seems regal to me. Plus I can be bloated from dairy or my cycle and still feel cute. Not yet mastered the “look” in my complete wardrobe, but I am working on it. I want to purchase high-quality items that will last a long time and can be interchangeable. Pretty sure my wallet would appreciate the slow wardrobe makeover and my style will develop more organically too.

Started following a few modest fashion influencers, I found a couple of brands I am totally into that these ladies are wearing. No clue where to find them, though. Like I am really feeling Ibtihaj Muhammads’ brand, Louella. Verona, Mimipikita, Diana Kotb, Raju, and Pashmina – I see you, too.


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