January Apple Watch Challenge

January challenge is low this month, because I have been taking it easy since knowing I was moving overseas… It’s been half ass working out since July. This month’s challenge is to hit all activity goals (500 calories, 30 minutes of exercise, and stand 12 times) at the minimum of 15 days. I got this in the bag.

Starting slow with just indoor cycling and a little ab strengthening. Don’t want to start of in “Beast Mode” and my challenges become outrageous by March. To get my routines started, I love using my Aaptiv App for motivation, because you have so many options when it comes to having an instructor talking you through workouts. You can easily schedule workout into your calendar through this app, so you can already have a plan every week. It’s really cool, Aaptiv, also, has programs already built for  you to follow. I think the whole thing is fool-proof. Right now I am following the 5 week ab program and its only 3 times a week  – the instructor starts off basic, then the plan advances through the weeks. I can really feel the results. My next goal with this app is to get over myself and take a post-workout picture and start leaving feedback on the workouts. I am obsessed with one of the trainers (Okay, maybe two. One I love, LOVE their workouts. The other trainer, I wish had more workout routines) and workout with this person 90% of the time. It’s pretty pricey, but I think its worth it – because it’s cheaper than a gym membership and you can us it whenever/wherever. It’s great for people who travel.

One of the recent updates on the Apple Watch allows you to compete with friends you share your app activity. My wife is my toughest completion, but I am sure she is getting tired of my requests. LOL. My apple ID is fidespax@icloud.com if you want to compete or chat about your fitness progress without judgement. Toodles.

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