Happy 2019!

Good bye 2018. Hello 2019. Grateful for the past year and energized to see what 2019 has in store. I cannot resist making a few New Years resolutions, even though I know most people on average do not make it until the end of the month with promises they made to themselves for the year. To keep myself honest and hopefully improve my odds of being steadfast in my 2019 goals, I am just going to post them:

  • Hit my Apple Watch Challenge EVERY month. Yes. Apple has me in their claws. I own Apple everything and now I listen to what my watch tells me do. Everything from standing up, breathing, increasing daily calorie burn…. so I want to see if I can hang with the monthly challenges thrown at me every month and I want the gratification of having all 12 badges in a row.
  • Join the free titty committee. I hate wearing bras and I wear them for the comfort of others, because to be honest, I do not need it. Bras are uncomfortable, constraining, and I heard a rumor once that wearing a bra can increase breast cancer. True or not true about the cancer thing doesn’t matter, I’m done.
  • Post twice a week. No good reason. Just want to share more. Really enjoying my life and I want to share the random things that happen in it.
  • Live $0 Budget. Starting this month, I am budgeting every dime. Every cent we bring into our home has to have a purpose right down to leftover monies into investments, charity, and/or emergency fund. Having a monthly budget will allow us to continue with our minimalistic lifestyle and planned purchases.
  • No more diets. I have been a vegan, vegetarian, and on the Keto diet in the past. All of them left something to be desired. It was hard to enjoy food with friends and family when it was restricted as a vegan and vegetarian. They also led me to eating more sugar increasing my chances for diabetes. Then on the Keto – OMG – my sugar levels went back to normal, but it increased my chances for hyprtension. From now on out, I am eating what I want. Simple. When I am hungry, I will eat. When I am not hungry, I will not eat. Plus, I live in Germany and I love beer – a match made in heaven.

That’s it. No ground shaking goals, but realistic. I wish you luck on your 2019 goals, resolutions, or lifestyle changes.

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