Gaining in 2018

Happy New Years, Everyone. The first weekend of the year has come & gone and I am already energized by the next 51, including all the weekdays in between. While many people are focused on losing weight, baggage, debt, etc – I will fixate my efforts on GAINING. I spent the holidays having very restricted interaction with social media and the internet, spending that time self-reflecting. Most of it was used reading running magazines (trying to convince myself I can actually like it), listening to TED Talks, and being physically active. My biggest take away was that we, by nature, use our energy to fix whatever is negative. But what if…If we put our attempts in enhancing the positives to gain what we want in our lives?

Gaining the confidence to do all the crazy things you want to do and having no clue how to get there. Just continue putting one foot in front of the other until you reach your destination. Over the last 38 years, I have accepted things about myself to realize I have pretty great things going for me already. Even when I was at my lowest, I still found some light at the end of the tunnel. Search for your awesome qualities and build on those to do the things you thought you never could do.

During my month-long self-reflection, I went through a process of thinking through what is going well. Making a list of my traits that are naturally my strengths was the first step. Then I matched an aggressive and passive activity to get started and/or complete in 2018 that would be complemented by that particular trait.  My results below:

Strength Aggressive Activity Passive Activity
Philanthropist Work for a non-profit Donate unused items
Genetically Athletic Research, learn, and train to be a Vegan Figure Model Complete at least 75% of monthly Apple watch challenges
Love Reading/Writing Write a novel or a children’s  illustrated book Be part of a book club
Entrepreneur Start a non-profit dōTERRA Wellness Advocate
Autonomous Blog 4-5/week Merge Buzzed Badger & lockalcordo

The last thing to do after you make your list is to find someone that will hold you accountable. Jemarie will never let anything I say die, so she’s my person. Also, I will have evidence forever and always right here….lol

Happy Gaining!

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