??? idk. Just ranting.

Social media is a b-word! Since opening the Buzzed Badger, I get on the minimum 2 calls up to 10 from marketing companies a day that promise social media results. It is really hard to keep up with social presence when it comes to running a business, but dang – why it so stressful?! I am almost, keyword, ALMOST tempted to use one of these resources. At times it feels like it takes up so much of my time and I would rather spend that time enjoying the experience. However, it is a catch 22. I feel the pressure to share everything we do to get attention and foot traffic to our coffee shop, but I want to “get involved” in my life. This added pressure forces me to make things look or seem better than what they are, even though, the experience is already perfect how it is. I am an open book, but in the same breath I am private… if that doesn’t make sense…. Then I’ll tell you whatever about me, but I am not just going to offer it up all willy nilly. So, if you ask, I’ll tell. LOL. It makes social media very uncomfortable and feels like a job more than anything.


Being on social media feels like we are cartoons of ourselves.

The pressure doesn’t stop on my electronic devices either. In the desire to “look” like I have it together, I want to present myself and everything associated with me in a certain way. WELL, I use to. I have flat-out given up. I am a hot mess and my wife is gathering the pieces as we move through life. Recently we had a couple of friends come over on a Tuesday night, the house is cleaned on Sundays and falls apart by Wednesday. So needless to say, they house was needing attention. The me before the Buzzed Badger would have broken my neck and tried to power clean before they came over. That day, I said out loud to Jemarie as I was looking at the recycling all over the kitchen, “We don’t live in a museum and we do sh*t.” I only picked up my underwear and a few of my clothes off the floor to put in the laundry room, guest shouldn’t have to deal with my undies. As Jemarie jokes in her comedy, I like to let my skin breathe, so clothes are all over the house. With Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram filters making every meal look mouth-watering, selfie look flawless, and life more exciting. We do not have to life up to the hype that it is possible to be perfect. This is no such thing. Opening a business from scratch is stressful and hard, marriage takes work, raising children is not a cake walk, school takes determination, showing up for friends and family takes loyalty….. In the end, only you can decide what life you want. Only you can make you happy. Outside praise will not ever make up for self-pride and satisfaction. Follow your dreams and do not let anyone define that for you.


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