Solid Support

Proud of my wife for taking steps in sharing her comedy with people outside of myself and close friends. The last two weeks have been busy with Jemarie preparing material for a couple of venues. Shortly we will host comedy nights at the coffee shop, along with karaoke and poetry night. EXCITING. Supporting her with her career, no matter civilian or military, is really fulfilling. Many times we are expected to know exactly what our career goals are and the actions it will take to be successful. However in the short 37 years, I have learned sometimes you have to bumble around a little to figure out your own personal niche. Still bubbling myself. Support goes beyond money. It can include staying up way pass your bedtime to be physically present, giving constructive criticism, or listening to the same idea over and over and over and over….. again.


Being, as well as, having a supportive spouse/partner is priceless. Encouragement within a loving relationship will give an individual motivation to be the best version of themselves. While remembering that that person cannot be responsible for you happiness. You and ONLY you are responsible for your happiness. Being clingy is not true love, but being there to inspire you and pushing you out of your own head to challenge yourself inflicted limitations is love in action. Support will be that unconditional love without judgement to cheer you on through your toughest, developing times. To sum it up, you should have faith in your spouse and they will have faith in you.

Love is like a bank, you are only able to withdraw what you put into it.

-my therapist (can’t remember which one told me)

Witnessed spousal support this weekend. They are complete opposites, the same way Jemarie and I are – NOTHING ALIKE. I see them as a total complimentary to each other. Through this, even though half this relationship is a no nonsense type person, I can see how much they encourage and support each other’s future. They speak to each other with love and not afraid to communicate what they need in their relationship. They are not each others everything, but individuals that chose to share a strong, loving relationship to build a life together. Only see good things for them and their family.*

*You know who ya’ll are. I think y’all are rockstars in life. Proud you guys are not letting others’ expectations dictate how y’all live.

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