Kitchen Junk Drawer is my Achilles Heel

The purge is happening at the Alcordo’s…I was silly to believe I was able to go through and wipe house clean in one week. HAHAHA. A dresser took me a weekend and a box took me hours. Found a box of old phone numbers, that included the number my wife gave me over 6 years ago. I did not have the heart to through is away. So now we have a framed business card with her old number on it on the wall. Nothing can prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster purging will out you through. Have drug stuff through over 2 decades and a few failed relationships, finally have the ability to donate or throw away.

On day one the dining, living, bedroom 1, and art room was knocked out. The following day, I cleaned out and organized the bathroom and kitchen, Until I hit that curse-ed kitchen junk drawer. Completely convinced I could take a break and come back to it after dinner. Well, it turned into, “I’ll start at the kitchen drawer tomorrow.” Then 2 days later I look at it and said all I need is a nap…. laid down for a 15 minutes nap and woke up 10 hours later. Needless to say, we still have a kitchen junk drawer. In this first week of a serious purge, I have learned a few things:

  • Be Realistic: Over the last week, I am actively purging. However, I have been preparing for this for over a year. Understand that minimizing things in your life requires a complete lifestyle change and uncomfortable conversations about not buying me stuff.
  • Game Plan: Make a list of all your rooms, including closets, to arrange in order which rooms you want to complete next. Then have your bag for trash, box for things to donate/sell, and a box for items that belong in other rooms. Clean out keep box at the completion of each room and take donations to drop off locations.
  • List of Priorities: Each item should fulfill a purpose. When you touch each item ask do you want it, need it, use it, like it – if “no” to any of these questions, TOSS IT!
  • Take Breaks: It can become emotionally and physically overwhelming with cleaning out years of stuff. Take a break often, after completing a room is a natural place to stop.
  • Remember the Why: When motivation runs out remember you are giving yourself more space, less things to “take care off”, more time, and the discovery of lost treasures.

In no way am I an ideal minimalist, I have a weakness for bags. What I can tell you is that surrounding myself with only stuff I love and fewer choices make everything else easier. Ever realized the smartest people wear closely the same thing everyday. They reserve decisions for bigger things…

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