My First Garden

This is the first time I have ever planted a full garden. It has been a few weeks and the plants in the garden box have taken off. The poor helpless herbs could not stand a chance against the cat. I make a couple of dishes and mojitos before she destroyed them all, but the cat LOVES thyme, mint, and rosemary. A little oregano survived, the cat did not care much for the spiciness of the type of oregano I planted. I will have to show updated pictures next week and some solutions for the herbs, have to keep the cat out.

What did I plant?:


Well, a garden cannot get started without tomatoes and cucumbers. My mouth is already watering thinking about making a tomato, cucumber, and vinegar salad. YUMMY! Plus I have to make a tomato sandwich to really experience the summer. People who know me know I am not a fan of melons that are NOT watermelon. So I planted myself a little watermelon patch and my wife a patch of cantaloupe. She can not breathe in my face when she eats that thing. Then – Soup and Salad are life… some spinach, lots of kale, and butter lettuce made a home in the garden. Then finally there are carrots, squash, jalapeño peppers, and mushrooms for the soup. The mushrooms are also insurance, they ensure something will survive in the garden. Mushrooms can grow anywhere, without any love. lol

Inside the house, I obviously planted rosemary, spicy oregano, thymes, and sage for the cat. Not much left, but the cat really appreciated the fresh herbs with her Blue Buffalo Cat Food.

Also want to thank the Talbots for being so awesome. They bring us beautiful plants to fill our house and shop….PLUS they have the green thumbs – The garden has hope. Sadly, Jemarie and myself have black thumbs.

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