No He Didn’t! Not on my watch.

Silly things I have to deal with being a business owner. I try not to go straight to sexism, but when it is all up in your face and you have witnesses of this ish….. Something has to be said. (It needs to be pointed out too, when there are no witnesses) ANYWOO – Let me tell you about this man that crossed me:

I can not decide if this guy underestimated me or knew I was The Buzzed Badger herself and he was over projecting. But either way it goes, he was in the wrong. Bi-annually the grease trap has to be cleaned out & when opened it smells like morning breathe after you drank all night, then threw up, and had a sinus infection. It is the worst. Welp, at the end of my day, I had the grease trap cleaned. The next door guy walked in and start talking to the grease trap maintenance man and told him he should park somewhere else AND then proceeded to tell my maintenance man that he needed to make sure he scheduled before he opened next door when I call to make an appointment. WTF. First off, why aren’t you talking to me, the owner!?! Just wait, there’s more – the maintenance man was leaving because he was already finished cleaning – BUT THIS NEXT DOOR GUY, told the cleaning man he didn’t have to worry, he could finish his job, and he could stay. Everyone was standing MY SHOP. Yes, the maintenance man can stay – what made next door guy think he controlled anything in here?…. Had to let the next door guy know he had no authority in my shop. None. Not even a little. I told him before I lost my mind I would consider his business at the next appointment originally, but when he did that. I will do whatever is convenient to me, that’s all. When I close at 4PM is far more convenient than 6AM in the morning. I do not want my customers having to deal with the cleaning process. You know. His employees do not consider their smoke cloud and squatting in the corner of my exterior door is off putting. (I came directly to him to have that conversation, pretty sure he does not remember, aka, care.)

The reason I call sexism is he did not stop the engagement until the 2 other males co-signed what I said & repeated verbatim what I had just told him. This next door guy knew I owned the place, we have had a conversation before. I do change my hair quite a bit, but my face and proper, high-pitched, country voice stays the same. He knew it was me. I may be a little more sensitive than most because people assume the male in the room is obviously in charge and not me. I know this happens to many women, it is getting old and I refuse to be okay with it happening to me or anyone else.

Don’t assume anything. Not even my gender (JK). But seriously, don’t assume the stereotypical PAST norms.


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