13, 12, 11, 10…

Score-2-150x150.jpg.jpgRunning. I. hate. running. But it is a great source of cardio exercise for a strong heart, because I plan to be around for long time to drive my wife absolutely bananas. Tee Hee. I hit a mile stone the beginning of the year and very proud of myself for succeeding in a 10 minute mile. To all the runners, I am aware it is NOT fast. However, when I first moved to Colorado I ran 2 miles in 26 minutes. That’s a 13 minute mile… Now I can run 3 miles in 30 minutes for an average of 10 minutes a mile. So now I can run longer for faster…. GO ME!

A friend once told me if you haven’t failed at something, then you are not really trying. Success comes from going outside your comfort zone and sometimes looking a little crazy. The lesson I learned from running in 6,000+ elevation is excellence starts from just going for it. Whatever your goal may be, getting started and overcoming the self talk can be the hardest thing. Shoot! The first time I went out onto Murray to run that 2 mile strip on a beautiful Colorado Spring day, I only made it from my apartment to the street light. That self-doubt took over and I confirmed my thoughts by saying “I have asthma”, “I am not cut  out to be a runner”, “the sun is too bright”.  But after I reached my air-conditioned apartment, I quickly made a u-turn and did a 2 mile run. I am pretty sure I looked like I was falling the whole time. Little tip toe steps. It’s okay to start off with little tip toe steps towards your goal – at least it happened, some people never get off the couch.

Now when the journey towards your own personal goal has begun, it may not be at full stride. Little steps will do just fine. Because before you know it, you will have broken into a little jog and then look around to realize you are just that much closer to your goal. Stay focused on your prize and you will find sooner than later you are at full sprint toward your destination. GO YOU!

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