Not Me, No Way, Not Today, Not Ever

OMG! Like I mentioned in an earlier post –  I log my daily diet, so I know how well my workouts went based on the food I ate for the day. So I had this bright idea to use one of those apps that you log your meals and count your caloric intake. It lasted all of one breakfast and one lunch… It was synced to my watch to be able to monitor my activity level for accurate feedback. That app told me I needed 5,800 more steps to eat my ne2825beb19298f772f18a4aba7bed6e6ext snack. BS!!! It takes a lot to fuel to run this beast of a body. I immediately deleted that blasted app, put down my green smoothie, and ate a double chocolate chip brownie cookie with ice cream. LOL. I might have went to the extreme, but I am a rebellious person by nature.>>> Bless my parent’s heart in raising me and my wife having to deal with it in my adulthood. Anyway! No app will make decisions about if I am hungry or not. Foolishness!

However, in the same breath, it is important what you eat and you should be aware what you put into your body. The connection of eating a balanced diet is closely tied to maintaining a healthy weight. By taking the proper steps to eating a diet full of nutrients will help you naturally stay healthy, active, and strong. Being healthy is about a complete lifestyle, far more than a temporary diet or short-term starvation (There are some people out there doing it.) By making little substitutions to your current eating habits and replace sitting around with physical activities, you can feel like a new you. Your best body is the one you feel most comfortable in… you cannot out exercise your negative eating habits, so take in consideration that everything you put in your body sticks with you. Treat your body like you love it. Because I am quite sure there are people around that would love for you to stick around for as long as possible.


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