Hello Abs, Goodbye Wine

Hello Abs, Goodbye Wine… for now. I am not completely crazy and will never stop drinking the nectar of the gods, but I see the rest of my body changing and my core is not keeping up. A little birdie once told me the summer body starts in the winter, so its time to get serious now if change is going to happen.


My abs are not where I want them to be. In the process of toning and getting definition for my core. Stay Motivated.

I yo-yo between 125-150 throughout the year. A girl likes to eat. Currently sitting at 145 and plan to be 125 by summer. There are 6 basic tips I have found helpful through the years.

  1. Do at least 2 different heavy resistance ab exercises with 8-12 reps for 5-6 sets about 2-3 a week.
  2. WATER, water, water. Then drink more water. Plus small frequent meals will help keep your metabolism up throughout the day.
  3. Eat breakfast! To jump start your internal fat burner for the day.
  4. Do cardio to burn fat to see the muscle definition as you tone up.
  5. Stay focused on building muscles in other parts of your body. The higher your muscle mass, the more your body naturally burns energy.
  6. Finally. Go to bed at a decent hour. You need 8-9 hours of sleep or your body will release a stress hormone, cortisol, that will slow down your metabolism and fight against muscle gain.

Getting toned abs is easy with these tips, you just have to be patient and stick with the process. Plus it will help if you avoid whole milk, processed foods, refined sugars, trans fats, corn syrup, diet foods, artificial sweeteners, and alcohol.

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