More Than Just Content 

So my business has been open for 8 weeks and it was super scary…still is. The first week I was hoping I would sell at least $50, but now we are finding our way and getting repeat customers. And it feels like I’m doing what I’ve always should have been doing. We are more than a coffee shop, we are a diamond in the rough and bringing positivity to a cute little community that is sometimes forgotten about.

Shanyka Lock-Alcordo & Michelle Mras, Author (holding her book) of Eat, Drink, and Be Mary

Just in the last month in a half we have participated and donated to the Suicide Prevention Motorcycle Ride, coordinated and hosted a neighborhood Trunk or Treat, donated to the U.S. Taekwondo and presented with an Award of Excellence. In addition, we are hosting a radio broadcast for The Morning Coffee on Election Day and a weekly meetup, that has a successful Sunday morning hike under its belt. We love being part of our community. And not to toot my own horn, I feel more successful than I ever have before. But TOOT, TOOT!

I want to first thank my wife, because she has given me the stability and confidence to take this leap of faith of leaving my “good job” (aka stress magnet) to manage our coffeeshop we own with a close friend. But I also want to say that you, Michelle Mras, for writing a book I needed to read. This book touched so many layers of my life! It brought into my realization I was spending a great bit of my time doing stuff that took me away from things that really mattered, family and building a circle of friends that were not for the sole purpose of business networking. And reading through her mother-in-law’s struggle with cancer brought me back to December 21, 2003 when I found out I was officially in remission. Along the way I broke that vow I took that day to never forget to be that free-spirited, wild child that will always take life by the horns….Instead I became a boring “professional” that did stuff I was not all that passionate about. Now I send a monthly calendar alert to ask me “Are you happy?” and in the notes I have, “If you’re not, what are you going to do about it?”

Since then I have met some amazing Soldiers and their spouses. I am not going to fake it, I am a difficult person to get to open up, in addition, most people are shocked as shit to find out I am a military spouse…In saying that, I am grateful for the new found friendships with Nick Hahn and his beautiful family that will lead to more to come at The Buzzed Badger. Plus Austin and Leeann Lee that has steered me to getting more tattoos and I live through them my gamer days.

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