Social Caterpillar

     images-19Okay…It’s really happening. My co-partners and myself are opening a coffee shop in 2 months. And it is official, I am leaving my current employer to dive in head first as the main barista and full-time everything else. So in saying that, I am responsible for social media.

YIKES! I am an introvert and not really good at sharing my thoughts or my life. I never have, even as a teenager I didn’t even tell my parents I was going to the store to get snacks – I would just leave. Hell, they did not even know about my first marriage. Social media is a huge stretch for myself and I have no idea what I am doing.

My wife is a wonderful person and people flock to her in crowds, I am quite the opposite. I run to people and when I am overwhelmed, I just as easily run away. Sharing myself, I feel like, is sacred and not everyone deserves it. But I am going to have to get over myself. I threw myself into blogging over a year ago because I knew one day this exact situation would come. I have to start sharing. I have read books and taken courses in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – Plus I asked my younger siblings to catch me up on SnapChat. What the hell!?! I feel so overwhelmed. Now it is time to just get it done. I am not only putting out a brand for myself, but also a brand that represents a business with 2 other people involved. The pressure. I do not want to let those 2 down, they have invested and still working a 9-5 to make sure I can make this business successful. Be looking for posts in social media from the BuzzedBadger and his friendenemy Ducklipinthedark.

Anyone have branding tips?

Have you thought about your own personal branding?

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