imagesHave not posted in a long while. Life has been crazy …But this post is based off me being mad at myself. GRRR. I was at work doing a review about my territory – discussion of what I have done and where do I see my territory going. Honesty is both my weakness and my strength, but lately I have been trying to keep it under control because it somehow gets me in trouble. SO when I had one number off that total screwed my numbers for the quarter and I was asked probing questions, my response was “I am not good in math…” – then I finished the remaining sentence in my head “…with made up numbers.” I fell into the stereotypical trap – I thought feeding off a stereotype would be easier than telling my leadership, the expectations they give us are unrealistic and I don’t believe in the goals set for me.

In reality I am great in math, especially when it comes to money. But I set my reputation back and all the hard work women across the centuries put into being treated equal, especially in the workplace, for a moment of weakness. I have replayed that moment over and over in my head to figure out why I reacted the way I did. It is so against my thought process and what I stand for to utter those words out of my mouth. Sadly my only conclusion is an excuse. Throughout my lifetime I have been given the luxury to have an out of a situation I didn’t want to be in when it comes to an intellectual conversation. Or when a group of males were having a conversation involving politics, construction, techonology – I wasn’t asked for my opinion. But when it came to shopping, gossiping, or decor – my thoughts were asked to be included in the conversation (BTW – I hate shopping & I rarely gossip). I am almost certain these acts are done subconscious when I was growing up, but that have everlasting effects.

Do you base some of your interaction with people based off their gender, skin-color, or assumed orientation?

Are you are parent? Do you treat your children different based on their gender? Are you limiting or allowing your child to limit themselves due to their gender?

Rethink your interactions….

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