First Blog! Introducing Shanyka…

Hey, All… or should I say Y’all. Just started Blogging 101 University, because I did not know where to start. So guess what they suggested? – Introduce yourself.Photo on 12-2-14 at 1.52 PM Really it was: Who I am and Why I’m here. Well, duh, why didn’t I think of that? Then my next thought was, hmmm, that is a really good question though. I have always been more expressive by written word than spoken but was not quite sure if people would read it. But hell, decided to throw caution into the wind and putting myself out there. If people want to read about my thoughts they’re out there and if they don’t that’s fine too. Blogging is just one of those things on my bucket list.

Happiness is not a destinationMy blog is about the only subject I am 95% sure about… ME. I claim to be a pretty diverse, free-spirited person and usually end up in the craziest situations. I have been lucky enough to meet and marry my ultimate compliment who keeps me out of trouble. But I figured I share different parts of my life and how I see the world. Even though my point of view may be a little skewed, they’re mine. I try to see the world with my eyes wide open, take criticism with a grain salt, and be flexible to change. And about that other 5%… I’m unsure about… sometimes I can not explain why I do the things I do. The only answer is “just because I wanna.”

There are many more post to come and I hope to keep you guys entertained. My goal for 2015 is to gain confidence in writing and creating quality blogs worth reading. Between volunteering for an animal shelter and family readiness group, my career, and figuring out my path to continued happiness through simplifying my life I will have plenty to share.

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